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Potpourri in 1-2-3

All those flowers you’ve been throwing away could be turned into potpourri in just 3 easy steps, Dry, Fragrance, and Package.

How to make a potpourri1- Collect any of your favorite flowers, roses, tulips, hydrangeas, and keep them in a warm dry area to dry. Don’t try to speed it up by putting them in the sun, as that will dry the petals and leaves, and they will crumble, hang them upside down from a string. If you’d rather dry your flowers on a tray, turn them over every other day for evenly dried petals.

2- Use oils such as peppermint, mint, lavender, rosemary, vanilla, coconut, etc. to fragrance the petals. After you have chosen your oil, take the dry petals and leaves and put them in a seal tight jar. Add drops of your oils into the mixture of petals and let it rest for a night or two. The amount of oil depends on the amount of petals and the purity of the oil.

3- Now it’s time to package the potpourri into sachets or bowls and place them over your house, they even make as a cute housewarming present. Use material that breathes easily or all the fragrance will be trapped inside.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up, add dried lemon or orange peel, even lemon tree leaves, cinnamon sticks or cloves to the mix and put them through the same oiling process. If you ever feel like the potpourri has lost its zesty fragrance you can always put them back in that seal tight jar and add more or different oils.

So wondering which bouquet to purchase now? This is our pick, one of our top selling arrangements.

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