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Lebanese flowers

Lebanese flowers and flowers types in LebanonLebanon is one of the most amazing countries in the Middle East as far as its nature and climate. Is is the only country in the area that does not have a desert. Lebanon boasts a mild climate which allows it to be home to a diverse assortment of flowers and plants. You can find all types of flowers and plants, up to 3,000 species!

Some local Lebanese flowers are Eunomia oppositifolia, Origanum libanoticum, and Hyacinth. There are some flowers which can be found in abundance in Lebanon but are not native to the country, such as Begonia, Cactus, Dahlia, Gerbera, Red eye, and Jasmine. Unfortunately, since some flowers are seasonal, Lebanon does not always have an abundance of these flowers so sometimes they have to be imported into the country. An example of this is red roses which are imported into Lebanon during the winter, that is when ordering online you will notice higher rates than summer time. Flowers in Lebanon are beautiful and scattered all across the country. Most people even have special flower gardens planted by their houses in order to enjoy the beautiful colors and scents.

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