During times of grief, send a gentle message of hope with funeral flowers and sympathy bouquets from FlyingRoses.com. It's a proper way to let those who've lost someone know that you care.
Amazing Grace
This graceful arrangement of a dozen white lilies drops heartfelt sentiments as it arrives. Simple a..
Elegant Sympathy
The contrast of white roses and dazzling greenery creates a serene and dignified setting. In its ele..
Mourning Cross
Well designed, this cross shaped standing arrangement of white roses and lilies is a lovely way to a..
Orchid Elegance
This soaring wonder will bring grace and beauty to any room. A stunning White orchid plant potted in..
Ring Wreath
Ring-shaped wreath of one meter diameter and decorated with condensed white roses and lilies. M..
An elegant arrangement of Twelve white roses arranged in rows of three and outlined with myrtle leav..
Sincere Condolences
This is a stunning bouquet created with 50 white roses.  All the roses are arranged in a basket..
When daisies meet roses you end up with a magnificent blend that will surely draw a big smile. 3 red..
Orchid Rain
Two plants of orchids or phanalopsis arrive in soft shades of white. They appear to be delicate..
Positive Thoughts
This positive thoughts arrangement made up of 8 White Roses and 10 Purple Orchids surrounded with vi..
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