Big or small, deliver lush green plants to friends and family with endless smiles for months to come. Beautifully housed in unique vases or containers, plants are well known to bring energy and vibrancy into any home or office.

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Three poinsettias decorated with Christmas tree leaves and presented in a large basket. An ideal gif..
Calla Lily Beauty
The most common meaning for Calla Lily Plant is purity, beauty, and faithfulness. With its yellow pe..
Chilly Poinsettia
L'incontournable plante de Noel. The must-offer plant in a stylish pot and wrapped by the Christmas ..
Feminine Azalea
Pink azaleas carry the traditional meaning – they indicate femininity, beauty, softness, and mother’..
Getting Attention
Guzmanias are wonderful for interior decoration at your home or office. Their large and showy flower..
Lucky Bamboo
Lucky Bamboo is one of the plants that's recommended by Feng Shui masters and practitioners for impr..
Mixed Orange Arrangement
All that's wonderful about fall is the warmth in its colors. This best selling arrangement is perfec..
Prestigious Women
Hortensias symbolize heartfelt emotion because their shape resembles a beating heart. This stunning ..
Red Poinsettia
Convey your Christmas wishes through the red poinsettia plant, a-must-have holiday gift. Poinsettia ..
Soft Love
The Azalea flower is a symbol of femininity and of softness. It is a flower that people all over the..
Vibrant Feeling
Hortensias are especially associated with genuine emotion because their shape resembles a beating he..
White Poinsettia
White poinsettia represents Merry Christmas, purity, and the happiest wishes for the upcoming Year...
Cookies And Orchids
No one can say no to orchids and cookies, this combination makes the perfect gift to offer to your l..
Design By Nature
The Vriesea plant is prized for both its handsome foliage and its showy flower spikes. It is a class..
Healing Aloe
The Aloe Vera plant is well known for offering possible health and beauty benefits. It is an excepti..
Magnificent Dracaena
Dracaena is a statement plant with an exotic look that suits any interior style. The plant stores mo..
Plants Fiesta
A perfect Christmas combo with trees, poinsettias and a large remembrance plant. The arrangement is ..
Simplicity of Orchids
Like doves aloft, our double-plant pure white phalaenopsis orchid will captivate all who see it. Hav..
Solid Roots
Bonsai is a Japanese art form using cultivation techniques to produce small trees in containers that..
Twin Orchids
An elegant twin stem Phalaenopsis Orchid. This stylish plant, originating in South East Asia, displa..
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